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Membership Benefits

The main purpose of any association is mutual help and support. To paraphrase John F Kennedy “Ask not what your association can do for you, ask what you can do for your association.” Members bring their own unique set of talents and skills into the admixture. Features of membership, like journals, directories and web site, only become benefits when members use them to achieve their personal or professional goals.

Networking with peers is the most often cited benefit of membership. What may be new to you is often a challenge experienced by a peer in a different locale.

Personal development is another major benefit to membership. Educational programs offered at the national or through chapters at the local level enable members to grow in knowledge and skills.

Publications, both electronic and printed, offer a steady supply of well conceived ideas and resources that further your abilities.

Certification exams and professional credentialing place you and your organization in the vanguard of healthcare security and safety. While not required for JACHO accreditation they do serve as a measurement tool when you are visited since you and your staff will be current on their standards.

Immediate Access to information is at your fingertips through the IAHSS web site. Whether you are seeking a colleague, searching for a new opportunity or need copies of journal articles, the web site is the place to be.

Your future depends on the quality of protection services you can offer your institution. Membership in IAHSS makes sense. Don’t you owe it to yourself to be prepared? Join now.


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