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Code of Ethics


"Recognizing that the overall quality of healthcare delivery is directly related to the professional services rendered by the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety, the following Code of Ethics is hereby mandated as a consideration for membership."

As a healthcare security professional, I pledge to dedicate myself to providing a safe and secure environment to the people and institution(s) I serve by:

  • Supporting patient care and awareness within my health care facility

  • Recognizing that my principal responsibilities are security and/or safety services to the healthcare community I serve:

  • to protect life and property and reduce crime through the implementation of recognized crime prevention andinvestigative techniques, and

  • to provide a safe environment of care in support of themission of the healthcare facility

  • Respecting the moral and constitutional rights of all persons while performing my duties without prejudice,

  • Ensuring that confidential and privileged information is protected at all times,

  • Maintaining open communication with other professionals with whom I conduct business,

  • Striving to further my education, both academically and technically, while encouraging professional development and/or advancement of other security/safety personnel,

  • Promoting and exemplifying the highest standards of integrity to those whom I serve while dedicating myself to my chosen profession.


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